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Peers that are connected now, or have been connected in the last hour.

IP AddressPortVersionConnected SinceDirection March 2019 23:18in March 2019 23:21in
[2001:41d0:303:5d28::]55230Satoshi:1.3.123 March 2019 23:22in March 2019 23:23in March 2019 23:29in
[2a02:c207:2020:9336::1]58834Satoshi:1.3.123 March 2019 23:29in March 2019 23:29in March 2019 23:29in March 2019 10:31in April 2019 09:49in April 2019 20:19in April 2019 23:08in
[2a03:b0c0:1:e0::376:3001]44752Satoshi:1.2.016 April 2019 07:43in April 2019 07:45in April 2019 06:43in April 2019 02:11in April 2019 19:42in April 2019 12:00in April 2019 10:39in
[2404:2ac0:0:d::7]33701Satoshi:1.3.124 April 2019 10:59out April 2019 12:04in April 2019 22:07in April 2019 11:57in
[2a02:a444:d8b:1:1d3a:cc83:8d1d:643d]50595Satoshi:1.3.125 April 2019 12:14in April 2019 17:48out April 2019 22:22in April 2019 22:26in
[2001:41d0:2:a5a9::]40322Satoshi:1.3.125 April 2019 22:28in April 2019 22:30in April 2019 00:36in April 2019 00:54in
[2804:14d:baa0:8329:661c:67ff:fe61:1e9b]46430Satoshi:1.3.126 April 2019 00:56in April 2019 00:56in April 2019 02:21in
IP AddressPortVersionConnected SinceDirection
IPv6: 7
IPv4: 27
 Satoshi:1.3.1: 25
Satoshi:1.3.0: 3
Satoshi:1.2.0: 6
 In: 32
Out: 2

Local addresses

This node has the IP addresses and [2a00:1098:82:12:0:0:0:1]

Since this version of nyancoind does not connect to itself, these addresses do not appear in the list above.


Direction indicates whether the connection was initiated by us to another system (outbound) or whether a remote system connected to us (inbound).
In normal operation there should be a mix of both types.

The port number is 33701 by default, and will generally only be 33701 for outbound connections (us connecting to 33701 on a remote system).
Inbound typically use other port numbers (a remote system using a different port number connecting to 33701 here).

All versions of nyancoin support both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. Connection via IPv6 is only possible if the system has an IPv6 address configured.
All major operating systems have supported IPv6 for more than a decade. If your ISP doesn't support IPv6, it's time to find one that does.

Updated 26 April 2019 02:47Z
Data valid up to block 2700819 at 26 April 2019 02:38Z
System status.