Nyancoin Explorer System Status


Time now is 29 October 2020 16:38Z

The latest block available from the network is 3454481

The database contains blocks up to height 3454475, created approximately 29 October 2020 16:34Z


There are 6 blocks which are not in the database. These will be added shortly.


The transaction queue for blocks in the database is empty, nothing needs to be added.


The database is up to date, all data for all items is complete.

Total database rows: 16,843,186

Database Size: 11.67 GB, comprised of 7.38 GB data and 4.29 GB indexes.

Update Processes

Updates occur at regular intervals in three separate stages. The explorer database is typically several blocks behind the network. New blocks are created on average every minute, but the database is updated at intervals several minutes apart.

Any amber items generally mean that the most recent blocks/transactions may be incomplete, so check again shortly.

A warning about addresses and balances

This site can provide balances for any Nyancoin address. However please be aware that:

It's all free

This service is provided for free. However running it is not free.

If you found it useful, donations in Nyan are accepted: KN6DNXbGaBS4TRyfPgDTvqyK4iK2LZjvcg

Updated 29 October 2020 16:38Z
Data valid up to block 3454475 at 29 October 2020 16:34Z
System status.